Pedestrian Killed, Her Son Arrested and a Tow Trock Operator Stabbed Multiple Times

By Tiffany Williams –

We have all seen the shows “South Beach Towing” and the “Repo Man” probably some have themselves had their vehicle towed.

Tow truck operators can most times be cocky, rude, gutless and spineless however, at the end of the day they are just doing their job right?

Well in Watertown, MA police say that a tow truck driver was stabbed five times but that was after he struck and killed a women.

Police say that women was walking in Watertown Square.

Middlesex District Attorney said that women was hit by a flatbed tow truck and she died at the scene.

As for the driver of the tow truck, he was taken to an area hospital after he was stabbed multiple time.

Police confirmed that the son of the woman was arrested for the stabbing.

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